Guest Appearance – Behind The Pulse Podcast – Episode 8

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I get to be tangential part of helping the creative process flow because [as an entertainment lawyer] you are the protector for the content before it goes out into the world.

The Entertainment Esquire

I had a fun time on the Behind The Pulse podcast with Vinny Camo! We engaged in a great conversation about the nuts and bolts of contract law within the music business, my contract drafting process, music legislation, and what it takes to be an entertainment lawyer.

USUAL DISCLAIMER: Nothing in this podcast is intended to be legal advice or to create an attorney-client relationship. An attorney-client relationship is not formed until a signed fee agreement is made.


A contract is very much like a puzzle. The harder the puzzle, the more time and attention you give it.

The Entertainment Esquire
  • Hailing from Austin, I am really proud of where I come from because the culture there is very welcoming of music and artists. Great things come out such as SXSW, Austin City Limits, ACL Fest, Grammy winning artists. Growing up in that environment gave me my appreciation for all things music. Austin has a certain charm and full of flavor. I have lots of Austin pride!
  • I have a very meticulous approach to drafting contracts. I personally love the analysis and making of contracts. It’s fun for me and why I do what I do. No matter what anyone says, one read through or one sit through, is not enough.
  • I first read it through as a whole to get the general idea and mark things to come back to where necessary. Many times, contracts will reference a different section or paragraph within the same contract and tie that part into it. So I will go read that section when I see it, so I can see how it fits into that one part. That reference can change the meaning.
  • Every word counts. Every sentence counts.
  • You always have to verify whatever that is stated in the contract is true, it is not enough to assume.
  • General things to look for and broad concepts needed in a contract. The specifics for each will always vary depending on the parties involved and the deal being signed. I want to caution people because It’s not a one size fits all approach. I think it is ALL important, because every single word and sentence matters, but these are the ones with the most room for negotiation and has the greater effect on the artist or to the contract.
  • Everything in music needs to be in writing and accounted for. Everything. All the time! It’s not a handshake industry anymore (and it really never should have been).
  • Then came streaming, which is a distractor to the industry because now you don’t have people buying downloads, you have them subscribing to have the ability to listen to all songs, so how can you measure these streams to album sales equivalent? That’s why streaming royalties are very convoluted. The ratios change over time.
  • Evolution of the music contract, how they will be different in the future, music legislation, and more!

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